Winter Wonderland Swap

Join us in our WINTER SWAP! We're going to have fun, get to know new people, and, of course, KNIT KNIT KNIT!!!

30 December 2006

Happy New Year, everyone!

I am super late in mailing my package because I had to move =/ ... sincerest apologies to my pal. I hope this egg cozy makes up for the lateness ...

28 December 2006

Winter Wonderland package completed & received!
You are very welcome Susan and I am so glad you liked all your little goodies;)
I hope everyone is recovering from the Holiday and gearing up for 2007!

A special toast to all the "knit-ster's" out there! Raise your glasses and your needles girls....Here's to us, keeping the craft alive!

Peace & Happiness in the New Year to All.

26 December 2006

Santa just keeps coming to my door!! Today I received my package from Joni & what a wonderful swap pal she is! She made 2 gorgeous cloths, sent 2 ornaments & a hank of Euroflax in the most beautiful blue/green (it's less blue in person).

I had to put the ornaments high up on the tree b/c my 2 yr old wouldn't leave them alone!

Thanks again Joni---I love it all & feel very spoiled today!

22 December 2006

Debi (twominions) is an angel and sent me a beautiful package filled with all sorts of goodies. She sent two dishcloths, a lovely lace pattern in a peach color and the snowflake illusion cloth (which I couldn't get a picture to show off the snowflake pattern). She also included a star coaster in Christmas colors, the cutes felted mini bag with a cat ornament inside some Fancy Feet Soap from Biker B’s Homemade Soap and a Seattle tote since lives in Washington state. I am overwhelmed with her generosity.
From my Winter Wonderland Swap Pal
I will post more pictures on my blog.


20 December 2006

What a beautiful package from Susan at noknitsherlock! I received two lovely cloths, one blue and one white, knit in lacy cotton. She also sent some green and red fun items: winter wonderland soap scene; reindeer corn; tissues. And a rubber ducky with a scarf on her!
Thank you, Susan.

18 December 2006

I recieved my package today! Thanks Kristine, the dish rags rock!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting I pulled this out of the box and it was wrapped so pretty! I saved the ribbon. :P

Inside were 2 packages of mint cocoa mix, a bendy snowman, 4 stitch markers that spell Knit, 2 cute pepermint dishcloths, and a ball of peppermint Peaches and Creme, all nestled inside of a perfect for cereal red bowl. This was such a sweet package! I love the cloths, and can't stand to use them for nasty dishes.
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingRound peppermint dishrags. Too cute for words!

I received my swap package from Jane. She did such a great job! I have already gone on and on about it here (scroll down a bit) but I had to show off here too. ;) Jane, you made me feel so special with the great stuff you sent. Thank you!!! I would definitely like to keep in touch.

And I will be ready to send my package out before the end of the week. :)

16 December 2006

Look, look and see what Holly sent me! She knit an adorable soap sack (with ginseng soap inside), yummy Lindt white chocolate candies, a little snowman candle and a snowman tin. Thank you so much for the lovely package!

-- Carol

15 December 2006

Ok, I have the thing packaged, sealed, and stamped...ready for Mr. Postperson to pick it up in the am. So I shall post pics later after I can talk my camera into giving up the pics. I'm excited for my pal to get their stuff. YAY!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

12 December 2006

when you get this in the mail......

it's from me - I just found my note to you dear pal so it didn't make it in the box. :)

- kate
Yay! Hip-hip-hooray! My package is all packed and ready to be shipped--now I've just got to find time to get to the post office! No pics--I am hoping my pal will be able to take care of that when she gets her package. To my someone special--my Winter Wonderland Swap Pal--LOOK OUT! You should be getting a package from Holly in California soon!
Holly of HollYarns

09 December 2006

I've been a little busy with the end of the year things, but it is getting better and then last night, we had a (scheduled) power outage. Since I've been a little nocturnal lately, I just sat around and knitted in the candlelight. Great fun. haha.

Here are the two that I've completed!

EDIT: I forgot to mention that the "round" pattern is actually knit back&forth and then 'seamed' together :). Thanks so much for the compliments, I hope my pal will like it!

My Winter Wonderland package is ready to go! I've including the ever popular snowflake illusion cloth And a pointsettia dishcloth (December Monthly Discloth KAL) along with some other goodies that I hope my SP will enjoy!

I received the most wonderful package yesterday!!! We came home from my husband's Christmas party; and there was a package in the front door; it was from my partner - Laurie
I received a lovely note from Laurie, 2 dishcloths: the ever popular snowflake illusion in Spartan green and white, and a MasonDixon in Spartan green. (Can't see this one so well, it is sitting on my Green countertop). Also, some beautiful green stitch markers, a pound of Starbucks special Holiday blend, a sock calendar and Magic stripe yarn (now I have no excuse for not making socks) . Thank you so much Laurie!!!

Now I have to get on the ball and send my package.

06 December 2006

I've been keeping up with everyone's post and felt like such a loser...I hadn't started yet! So many little time. But I finally put down my grandma's socks (sorry, Grami) and am halfway through my first project for my partner. She gave some pretty specific requests for colors, so I can't post pictures yet. It's gonna look great. I am terrible with keeping secrets about gifts. It's killing me. But I hope to send her box off next week. Then I can show you what I made.

03 December 2006

You are looking at a classic ball-band dishcloth & Mason-Dixon hexagonal dishcloth.
I'm a grad student & this past weekend I had to re-calibrate my instrument which essentially means pushing a button every 5 minutes for about 12 hours so I got both of these done - the hexagonal one was during my oxygen calibration & the ballband one was during the carbon dioxide. I just need to find a few little extras to throw in & these will be shipped off to my pal.

Also, could someone tell me how to get that snowflake pattern? I'd like to try the illusion knitting. In the magknits that just came out in the last week or so (I just found it today), there is an illusion scarf that looks fun.

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season!

I have finished my partner's cloth, but I decided to make her another one, different pattern, so she will receive two :)
I still have to put together the goodies, and then hopefully send it out next week.
I am nearly officially done! My partner's cloths are done, I've gotten her goodies & everything is in the box & ready to go out!

I have so much fun putting together her goodies & everything. I hope she likes it all!!

01 December 2006

I have heard from both of my swap partners and am really excited! Today is a Snow Day (I'm a teacher) here in the Chicago area. That makes it a great day for knitting. It definately looks like a winterwonderland. Check it out here.