Winter Wonderland Swap

Join us in our WINTER SWAP! We're going to have fun, get to know new people, and, of course, KNIT KNIT KNIT!!!

22 January 2007


Look at the great package that I got from Ansley. My note of gratitute and bragging picture are late because I recd her package the day before going out of town for an eight-day business trip (see my blog).

However, my appreciation is on-going! THREE, count 'em, three, cloths; lots of chocolate; hand lotion; a great note card; spa socks; and scented soaps. LOVE it all!

18 January 2007

winterwonderland 001Thanks, Susan! I came home yesterday from a rotten day at work to find a lovely card, two lovelier cloths, two delicious cakes of soap, two balls of Sugar 'n Cream (more warshrags!) and a cool set of stamps. I love being spoiled.

16 January 2007

I have been spoiled! Look at what my secret pal, Elaine of Kim-Chi Crafts, sent me for the Winter Wonderland Swap:


  • Two exquisitely crocheted items: The lilac one is a trivet/potholder and the white one's a washcloth.
  • A cute card that features a spinning (literally!) sheep on the front and a lovely note inside.
  • Two notebooks from a Korean Stationary store in LA called Morning Glory. If you've ever seen either Korean or Japanese stationary (and not just Hello Kitty) you'll understand how cute and funny they can be. There is also a folder with a blue bear and matching blue bear page markers. Elaine felt it was best that I head back to school with some *serious* supplies!
  • And finally some chamomile tea to calm me down at the end of some of my more hectic days!
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you so much Elaine!
Thanks Lisa, for the package. I got it last week but was out of town and haven't had time to post until now. I also can't find my camera (where did those darn kids put it?!), so I can't post a picture of it. But, Lisa sent me two fun dishclothes, a blue and white ballband, and a bright orange, red, and yellow varigated one, some gum, some yummy smelling body wash, a skein of Peaches N' Cream, and a Dr. Pepper coupon. THanks!

12 January 2007

Thank You Toni! I already e-mailed Toni to thank her for my Winter Wonderland Swap package which arrived today, but I wanted to show it off on the blog too. She made me two of the softest washcloths! They are machine knit and made with baby terry, one in a ballband pattern and the other like a baby genius burp cloth. As I told her, they will become face cloths, as they are just too soft for dishcloths! But that was not all. She also sent a ball of white Sugar n' Cream cotton yarn, a magnetic note pad, and some beautiful handmade earrings and stitch holders. Thank you so much Toni.

11 January 2007

Thanks Tracey!

I got my pretty package today! This is my first swap so I was quite excited! And impressed!

One super soft, pretty sky-blue and white snowflake illusion dishcloth. (My cat tried to claim it within minutes of me taking it out o.O! We compromised, I got the dishcloth, she got to sleep on my scarf.) A pretty glass mirror ornament, a knit jacket ornament, a skein of purple-tan-gold Berroco Cotton Twist, vellum gift tags, and the cutest little shell star charms.
I'm already thinking the charms could perhaps be used as markers for the Kiri shawl I'm working on. =)

10 January 2007

Thank you Pamela! My package arrived the other day & everything is great!!! I especially LOVE the stitch markers!! They are so dang cute!!!

Thank you, Dawn! I was so excited to receive my box yesterday! It's a party in a box :) I received a very cute card (on left), some kitty wrapping paper, a little cotton bag with nativity scene, "catnip bubbles," mandarin tea, fun New Year's beads and tiara, and chocolate espresso beans in a little stocking! Best of all, she sent two great dish/washcloths--one is a cute angel, and THREE balls of SnC yarn in the greatest colors!! Also on top of the angel are some very pretty stitch markers in a red-opalescent color!

Thanks SO MUCH again, Dawn! I love it ALL! The cats loved it all as well and launched an attack shortly after this picture was taken. (I posted the post-attack pics on my blog as well!) deb (aka twominions) >^..^< >^..^<

I got my swap package yesterday from Megan. I had said that I wanted cloths in bright colors to brighten up the dark dreary days of winter. She sent me a package with a sunny beach theme, complete with sea shells. Also there are stich markers, green tea (my favorite), honey sticks, and chocolate.

Thank you Megan!!!!!

08 January 2007

Thank you Stephanie B.! Look at all my goodies...Yummy teas & yarns in my favorite colors! And Yankee candles.....THE BEST! I Love my ninepatch & illusion snowflake cloths. Thanks for being such a great swap pal. I hope your pal was good to you too!
This exchange was fun! I hope everyone got spoiled by their pals and I look forward to meeting more of you in the next swap....Hint, hint;) Happy knitting all - Susan.
Holly! did you get it? Let me know if you didn't. I sent it off on Friday.
Hope you like it! :o)

07 January 2007

To my swap pal. I will be dropping your package off at the post office tomorrow. Sorry it is on the last day to send. I've been distracted with sick children and myself being sick. The holidays didn't help either. Look in you mail in about a week. Again, sorry for it being so late.


06 January 2007

Thank you Jeremy!

I got my package today & I LOVE it - it is all wonderful. Amazing. She sent me 2 gorgeous washcloths - the blue one has a snowman & the white one has snowflakes or maybe a flower design - it's pretty. Pretty. And a ball of hand-dyed yarn - she dyed it with Kool-Aid - it's green & blue & oh so fun. I've been wanting to try my hand at dyeing, I actually have the same yarn she sent me, I may try my hand at Glampyre's One Skein Wonder. I believe I found her post about the dyeing here. Mine is called Lily Pond - her pictures are better than mine. She made me stitch markers - super exciting. One set spells out my name & a peace sign (yay) and the other one has the pretty blue & green & purple beads. Also included - some Trader Joe's Peppermint Pure Castile Soap - this stuff smells delicious - some delicious Frango mint chocolates - yum and this super-cute snow-man candle holder. Here's a picture of all the fabulousness:

There are more individual pictures over on my blog. I really love it all. :)
Last night when I got home, there was a box waiting for me. From Mary in Minnesota. Thanks a bunch Mary. What a nice surprise to get the SnB page a day calendar, chocolates...mmm, chocolate...and two round cloths in a really cool pattern. Here's a few photos. Both cloths are a pretty light blue, the larger one has silver in it. Thank you so much, Mary. This was my first swap and I have to say, I like it. My pal should be getting her box any day now. Hope she likes it as much as I like mine!

03 January 2007

Wow-O-wow! I got the egg cozy! Complete with initial just for me! Yayayayay! And chocolate....and dishcloths!! I promise a real post on my blog later, maybe tomorrow (time and stress levels willing), but I just had to say thank you so much to (possibly blogless) Alice! I love them, especially the ballband cloth - I just love the way the colors work with each other!
Since I'm here, I just want to say sorry to my swap partner - I have almost everything ready for you. I'm not usually this slow on a swap, but I promise to try to get you a good one!
Hello Carol from NY!
Thanks sooo much for my wonderful swap package! I got back from my holiday haunts on Saturday sick to my stomach with the flu.
I absolutely love everything in the package and i promise everyone i'll post pictures at my blog asap--e.g. tonite after work.
Thanks again! and my favorite warshrag is the green one! you are so clever!

02 January 2007

Look at the great stuff I got from my swap Pal - Linda - aka - I got a BEAUTIFUL CLOTH - with an angel stitch marker and mini knitting needles, a pack of sticky notes, a pack of note cards, a photo album and an awesome smelling candle called "Winter Wonderland" - cute huh?! It's so awesome Linda - THANK YOU SO MUCH!