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11 January 2007

Thanks Tracey!

I got my pretty package today! This is my first swap so I was quite excited! And impressed!

One super soft, pretty sky-blue and white snowflake illusion dishcloth. (My cat tried to claim it within minutes of me taking it out o.O! We compromised, I got the dishcloth, she got to sleep on my scarf.) A pretty glass mirror ornament, a knit jacket ornament, a skein of purple-tan-gold Berroco Cotton Twist, vellum gift tags, and the cutest little shell star charms.
I'm already thinking the charms could perhaps be used as markers for the Kiri shawl I'm working on. =)


  • At 9:23 AM, Blogger Winter Wonderland Swap said…

    I'm glad you got it!! I love using charms for my stitch markers, and when I found those I thought it would be fun to share my little idea :) Easy made stitch markers that I didn't have to make, and they're cute :)



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