Winter Wonderland Swap

Join us in our WINTER SWAP! We're going to have fun, get to know new people, and, of course, KNIT KNIT KNIT!!!

05 November 2006


Well, button anyway :) I would like to thank Sherrie for her help in making us a great looking button! And LOOK! I even learned how to put them up! I was quite proud of myself for that one LOL :) Please save them and load them onto your blog if you like :)

We've had a great response so for in people signing up! But remember, the more the merrier, so if you can, and want to, mention our swap on your blogs!

Holly and I haven't come to a decision yet on the end date for sign ups, as soon as we get that info, we'll be sure to let everyone know :)

Hope all finds you well this week!!!!!



  • At 8:00 AM, Blogger lauriec said…

    I'm chomping at the bit for this swap to start!!!

    Anyone else getting excited??


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